The global pandemic known as Corona Virus is fast spreading with over 1 million people infected worldwide.
In Nigeria, the first case was an Italian expatriate recorded in Lagos. While the first case was treated successfully, the laxity of Nigerian government in implementing tough measures to prevent further cases had since led to new infections recorded in two major cities of Lagos and FCT, and more recently other states.
While there are no documented cases of COVID-19 in Gombe state, the threat posed by neighboring Bauchi state where there are 4 confirmed cases is frightening.
To this end, Sufabel Community Development Initiative has decided to incorporate sensitization on COVID-19 in its ongoing KAICIID funded intervention (Capacity for Interreligious Community Action – CIRCA) in the 2 LGAs. Knowing the role those religious leaders who are the direct beneficiaries of the CIRCA project play in grass root sensitization and mobilization, SCDI hope to leverage on our existing relationship to reach out to Kwami (Malam Sidi) and (Deba) Yamaltu Deba communities in each of the 2 LGAs. Beyond sensitization, SCDI provide basic preventive medical supplies i.e. Face Mask, Buckets, Tissue, Dettol, liquid soap and hand sanitizers which have been recommended as preventive measure by WHO and the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control to people in these mostly impoverished communities